What an intense week!  There’s so much to say but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.  I shot my lyric vid last week Sunday for my new song “A Lot Like Love”.  The vid will be released on Youtube on Monday June 30th.  Yup – the last day of June!  Some radio stations just played my new song this past week and I wanna say THANK YOU!  In the meantime, I have a part time job as most of us musicians/artists do and I’m stoked with the training and personal development of it all!  If any of you are interested just scroll down at the bottom of my page and you can click those links!  So I named this bugging ukulele bc this new song is very ‘ukulele enthused.  And what better way to write and sing a song, as an artist from Hawai’i, than to do it on an ‘ukulele?  This was my breakout instrument.  And if y’all don’t know, ‘ukulele in Hawaiian means jumping fleas.  I guess bc of the way the kani or the sound of the instrument struck Hawaiians.  There are a few stories of origin.  But darn I got stuck on looking at some gross bug pictures and I can’t get them out of my head.  They were so gross I get chicken skin just thinking of it yuck.  I’m happy to learn that they were fake.  Ya – the ones with the larvae in the boob.  FAKE!  Ugh I’m getting chicken skin right now thinking about that fake pic.  YIKES.  Don’t look it up, just trust me on that one.  I just took a break to rub my arms from chicken skin.  Alright, time to grab my ‘ukulele and sing my new song!  Keep in touch famfanbase and you’ll be the first to know when its out!  Aloha.  BTW, song will be available for purchase on July 15th muah xox.

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