24 hours in a day

It so true how we all know this fact.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  And of those 24 hours, I’m lucky to get in 6-7 hours of sleep.  My mind like many others’ out there, keeps going and going.  My ideas, my goals, my wants, my plan, my hopes and dreams.  I truly have come to realize, that when you write them all down on a piece of paper its important that you organize them as well.  Writing your thoughts down is great.  But what’s even better is organizing those very thoughts.  Placing them in an order.  Prioritizing those from what your heart wants to happen first more than anything.  Placing them in a time line.  How will I advance myself in 3 months, in 6 months, in a year, in 3 years, in 5 years, 10 years?  I definitely do not want to be doing the same thing I’ve been doing or making little money for another year.  I don’t see money as a bad thing.  I look at dollars like points almost.  The more points you make, you win the game.  The more points I make, I can have more free time with those I love.  Those more points I make, the more points I can share!

I think I have been more aware of the time it takes for me to get back via phone calls, emails, text messages, social media.  I really try to take care of that for one hour in the morning and another hour in the evening.  Sometimes I do take 30 mins in the day time.

You’re probably bored out of your mind reading this!

The most important thing is time.  Time is the force.  Time is the one thing we each own.  We can spend as much of it as we want.  If we don’t want to work where we are working and spending that time for someone else’s establishment, we have the power to change what we are doing and how we are spending our time. We have the choice to give our time to who we want.  It may take years – time, something measurable, to become an expert at something.  Months of playing the guitar everyday if not years to become a truly skilled musician.  Years of painting to find out what strokes are your strengths, or how certain colors blend with one another.  Day to day, week to week, to 3 months of finally arriving to your ideal weight or fitness level.  3 Months to fit into that size 6 , 9 for me is just fine.  Weeks of surfing the 2 footers before you start taking off on the 6 footers.  The point I’m making is , there really is only 24 hours in a day.  And how you spend your time developing yourself, your philosophy, your strengths, your atmosphere, your power team, your health, is all about the time you put into each of those things.

Have sweet dreams y’all.

me ke aloha, #manawa #time